Platinum Rewards FAQs

Can two households be tied to one membership?

Multiple households cannot be tied to one Platinum Rewards even if they are related.  Each household will need to purchase their own Platinum Rewards.

Can two persons (husband, wife, for example) be tied to one membership?

Yes, but only if living within the same household. The primary name on the account is the person purchasing the membership. Both names must be on the account, and both may redeem points with required personal ID in retail srtores.   Other members of the immediate family (same household) may use the account to purchase and earn points, but will not be allowed to redeem points.  Only one online account (email address) can be synced to a membership.

Can the Platinum Rewards be "returned" and refunded?

No. Platinum Rewards is non-refundable and is not returnable.  For those who have subscribed to the auto-renewal method of Platinum Rewards online, we do offer a 7-day grace period from the date of billing should you need to make a change.  To request a refund during the 7-day grace period please send a request to

Can two memberships be purchased in one household?

Yes. For instance, a husband and a wife may choose to have their own Platinum Rewards membership. They will receive separate mailings, separate emails, etc.

Can I sign up my Ward, Library, or School for Platinum?

No.  Platinum Rewards is for individuals only and is not available for organizations.

Do Rewards Points Expire?

Points will expire at the end of 18 months with no member activity (if the membership expires, and membership is not renewed). Points will continue to be earned with a current membership. If a membership lapses, points are available for redemption for an 18 month period before expiring (unless another membership is purchased during that time).