Platinum Rewards Disclaimer and Exclusions

  1. An annual Deseret Book Platinum Rewards Club membership is $25, and includes the benefits listed above. Membership expires at 365 days, and will not be impacted by an early renewal (member renews prior to the expiration date...we calculate the correct number of days for each membership purchased, and add those days to the membership). However, only 2 memberships may be purchased in any calendar year (in other words, members may not purchase 3 year memberships, etc.).
  2. Membership benefits are for members and their immediate family members living in the same household. However, only the member and designated spouse or partner (within the same household) may redeem points, and must show ID at the time of redemption. Both names must be on the account, with the primary name as the purchaser. Access to the member account pages and ensuing benefit pages is limited to members only. Members may forfeit membership for giving others unauthorized access.
  3. Platinum Rewards is for individuals and organizations are not eligible.
  4. Rewards, benefits and and other savings are determined by Deseret Book company, available only during the term of membership, and may be discontinued at any time. Members may be denied benefits for reasons determined by Deseret Book Company.
  5. Get 10% Back In Points on Future Purchases includes purchases after the first purchase of membership. Products or services where points may not be earned or redeemed include:
    1. Church distribution products (including scriptures)
    2. Willow Tree products
    3. Items that are non-taxable
    4. Gift Cards
    5. Tickets
    6. Subscription services
  6. Points may be redeemed at any Deseret Book store,, or through 1-800-453-4532 for FREE products or discounts on products. Points will expire at the end of 12 months with no member activity (if the membership expires, and membership is not renewed). Points will continue to be earned with a current membership. If a membership lapses, points are available for redemption for a 12 month period before expiring (unless another membership is purchased during that time).