Bookshelf Plus FAQ's

How do I cancel my subscription?

After logging in, go to My Account, then My Subscriptions.  If you are currently subscribed to Bookshelf Plus it will show up here. Click on this and select Update Billing.  It is here you can update your payment or cancel your subscription.  The subscription will be canceled at the end of the billing cycle (subscription month) and your Bookshelf Plus access will cease instead of charging your credit card. 

This means If you are subscribed on the month-to-month plan, if you cancel before the next billing date you will finish out your current month and at the time you would normally be billed, the subscription will be canceled. Those customers who have purchased a years subscription will remain active for the complete year and will be canceled after that term is up and the subscription will not renew.  If a customer cancels their subscription during the trial 30 days - they will still have access through the 30 days.

A 14 day grace period is given after the billing date where a refund can be requested. Please contact us at to make this request.

I haven't been using the subscription can I be refunded?

Subscription services are based on time and not on usage amount.  We do not offer refunds for unused subscriptions.  We do have a 14-day grace period after the billing where we are able to refund the last billing.  If you are within the 14-day grace period of the billing you may request a refund by emailing

If I sign up for Platinum Rewards after I already signed up for Bookshelf Plus can I get a refund to equal the discount?

The discount will be applied on the next billing period. If the Bookshelf Plus billing has been within 14 days of starting Platinum Rewards, we would be happy to refund the difference. Please contact us at and make the request.

Do I keep the books I downloaded to my device if I cancel the subscription to Bookshelf Plus?

Books downloaded and accessed while you are a paying subscriber to Bookshelf Plus will no longer be accessible to you once the subscription has been canceled or expired.

If I cancel my subscription and then sign up at a later date, will I get another 30 day trial period?

The 30 day Trial Period is for new subscribers only.  There is only free 30-day trial per customer.

How do I change the payment method for my subscription? 

If your card was replaced due to expiration, theft, or any other circumstance, you will have to update the card associated with your subscription. This is different that a Card on File. In order to update the payment method for your subscription, go to My Account > My Subscriptions > Edit Subscription > Update. If your card is not updated, it may be declined at the time of renewal. In this case, our system will attempt to charge the saved card three times. On the third failed attempt, your subscription will automatically be canceled. In that case, you will simply have to sign up for a new subscription, or give us a call at 1-800-453-4532 and we would be happy to get you signed up again. You will not lose any books or markings that you have on your account. 

Do I need to be connected to the internet to listen to audiobooks?

If you wish to listen without an internet connection you can download the complete book (while you are connected to the internet through WiFi or using data on your device). To do so, tap on the book and then the cloud. Tap on the Download All icon near the book cover to download the entire Audiobook. You can also download chapters individually by tapping on the cloud icon to the right of each chapter. A green arrow icon to the right of the chapter indicates that it is downloaded to your device. Once the chapters are downloaded you will no longer need a WiFi connection to enjoy

What Audiobooks are included?

All Digital audiobooks are included with the Bookshelf Plus subscription.  Books on physical CD's are not included.