Cancel Bookshelf Plus

Bookshelf Plus Cancellation

To cancel  the Bookshelf Plus subscription, you will first have to log in to Then click on My Account > My Subscriptions > Edit Subscription. Here, you will be able to make any adjustments to your subscription. To unsubscribe -- or cancel your subscription-- click on Edit Plan and follow the instructions on how to cancel. 

Once you select to cancel, your subscription will remain active until the end of the period that has already been paid for. That means that if you cancel your Annual subscription, you will remain active until the end of the year that you have paid for, regardless of date. If you cancel your Monthly subscription, you will remain active until the end of the monthly billing cycle. There are no partial refunds for remaining time.

We do have a 7-day grace period from the time of billing for the Bookshelf Plus subscription.  To request a refund during this 7-day period please contact us at 

Note:  Deleting the app does not cancel the subscription.  This subscription also cannot be canceled through Apple (IOS) or through the Google Play store.  Subscriptions can only be canceled through Deseret Book.

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