Deseret Book Affiliate FAQ

My sign-up form or website doesn't look right/gives me an error message/displays in a foreign language.

Make sure all of your ad blockers are turned off. We have found that this solves a lot of the website errors with our third party host Tapfiliate.

What is my commission rate and when will I be paid?

We are currently offering a 5% commission for all Deseret Book Affiliates (for comparison, Amazon’s max commission is 4.5%), with potential for a higher commission rate in the future dependent upon affiliate conversions.

Commissions will be paid out via mailed check within 90 days once your total earned balance reaches $50.

When will my application be approved?

We will do our best to have your application reviewed within 3-5 business days. You will receive a confirmation email once you have been accepted into the program and can immediately start creating and sharing affiliate links.

I can’t save my profile edits or personal info.

Make sure your ad blockers are turned off. If you’re still having issues, please email

How do I create an affiliate link?

On a URL from any Deseret Book page, add ?affiliate_referral=YourAffiliateReferralName to create an affiliate link. If the URL already contains a question mark, add &affiliate_referral=YourAffiliateReferralName.

Example: My affiliate referral name is janedoe, therefore my affiliate referral link looks like this:
Without a question mark in the original URL:
With a question mark in the original URL:

You can find your affiliate referral link here:

Can I change my affiliate referral name?

Yes! Visit this article to learn how.

How do I log in to your site?

Visit to log in.

If you wish to become an affiliate, apply for our program at

How do I see how my individual affiliate links are performing?

Your affiliate dashboard can be found at You can see your clicks, impressions, conversions, geographic distribution, and pending commissions.