Downloading content to an SD card (Android only)

With the latest version of Deseret Bookshelf for android you can choose to store some or all of your Bookshelf titles on an SD card if your device supports one. This option will only show up if you have an SD card in your device. Some data, including the app itself, must still be downloaded to your devices internal storage. This is a great way to hold many more titles than you otherwise would be able to. 

To start downloading titles to your SD card you will want to enable this option under the "My Account" tab. 

You will then go to your library and long press on the cover of the book you want to download to the SD card.

Make sure the storage preference icon in the top right is an SD card and not a chip that looks like a spider. 

Touch "download and open"

The title will be downloaded to your SD card. You can now enjoy the eBook or audiobook normally.