Art Terms

Print – A generic term used to say the image is printed on base, usually paper.

Litho Print – Traditional style of printing where the image is printed using 4 separate plates or colors to reproduce the image. Usually the paper is not what would be considered high end, but also not a poor quality print.

Digital Print – A print made without a printing press.  More convenient to reproduce but may not look at good as a litho print. 

Canvas Print – Typically printed using a wide-format printer (over 40” wide), usually on 100% cotton canvas with a printable surface on it. Some canvas prints are actually printed on a litho press and transferred to canvas, but this is not done as often anymore.

Textured Print – A print that is covered in a protective coating.  Usually it’s liquid based, although sometimes it may be a laminate placed over the image. This allows the print to be placed in a frame without being canvas or having glass over it.

Paper Giclee Print –Higher end print made on 100% cotton or similar paper. (A paper print made on a fine art printer.)

Canvas Giclee Print – a technology for fine art or photograph reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies on canvas

Canvas Wrap – An image is printed on canvas and wrapped around stretcher bars with the image showing on the sides of the stretchers. Can be hung on the wall without a frame.

Museum Wrap – An image is printed on canvas and is wrapped around stretcher bars but instead of the image showing on the side, it is either white or a solid color. Can be hung on a wall without a frame.

Plaque – Usually something printed directly on, or mounted to, some sort of wood or manufactured wood. Usually a lower value entry point home décor piece. Not framed.