Changing Your Email Address

With the changes to our website in November 2023, you are currently unable to change your email address on your Deseret Book account. You can start a new account with a new email address. If you currently have an active Bookshelf Plus subscription or Platinum Rewards Subscription (auto renewal) and need to have a new account with these services that you have already paid for, please email Include the email address for the old account and the email address for the new account and explain that you will need these services on your new account.

For Bookshelf Plus, we are not able to move over any highlights, notes or bookmark, but we can provide you with a new Bookshelf account with the remaining time you had on your old account.

For Platinum Rewards we will be able to add the points you had on your old account to your new account and set the expiration date to match.

It is anticipated that we will be able to resume making email address changes in our new system sometime in the future.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.