Shipping to Correctional Facilities

Deseret Book is able to ship from our warehouse to correctional facilities. You can place your order online or by calling 1-800-453-4532. Incarcerated individuals can order by mail at:

Deseret Book Orders

PO Box 30178

Salt Lake City UT  84130

Our retail store locations are not able to ship to correctional facilities.

Each facility has their own rules regarding shipping to prisoners. Please be aware of these rules prior to placing your order as we are unable to know the rules for every facility in the country. Some general guidelines are:

* Some correctional facilities only accept shipments from authorized companies. For instance, Deseret Book is not on the approved list for the Utah State Prison and all packages will be returned to us. Please be sure the place you are sending the order to accepts packages from Deseret Book.

* Most correctional facilities will not accept the following: Hardback books, cassettes, CD's, DVD's,spiral bound books, and Leather bound books including scriptures.

* Some correctional facilities have a limit as to how many items can come to a prisoner in one package.

Please know the guidelines for the particular correctional facility prior to placing your order.