Vendor Information

Dear Deseret Book Vendor:

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you in providing outstanding products to our customers. This letter explains our requirements for documentation, labeling, packaging, payments, and exception handling. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know as quickly as possible so that we can work with you to resolve them.

Purchase Orders

All packing lists, invoices, and other documentation must reference the Deseret Book purchase order number. When we place an order with you, please ensure that we provide you with the purchase order number. We will not accept the shipment or make payments without this information.

Product Labeling

In order to reduce handling costs and shorten replenishment cycle times, every item must have the following information printed on it or on a tag/sticker attached to it:

  • An accurate ISBN number and EAN barcode for all “book” products.
  • An accurate UPC number and UPC barcode for all “non-book” products.
  • The suggested retail price in US dollars, printed just above or below the barcode. (National DVD, music, and gift merchandise suppliers will be exempted from this price requirement.)
  • In addition to the required barcode(s) and price information, please include the Deseret Book SKU number if possible.

If your items do not include the required label, we will not be able to accept the shipment.

Packing Slips

An accurate packing slip must accompany each shipment. This packing slip must include:

  • The Deseret Book purchase order number.
  • Your company name and address.
  • Your company phone and fax numbers.
  • An accurate description of products (including ISBNs, UPCs, catalog or stock numbers) and quantities ordered (which must match the purchase order) and the quantity of each item shipped. (Please indicate all “short picks” and /or “backorders” on all packing slips.)
  • The box containing the packing slip must be clearly marked and the box should be on the outside edge of the pallet.

It is critical that the packing slip accompany all orders, and that it references the Deseret Book purchase order number. Without this information, we will not be able to accept delivery or receive the shipment into inventory.


  • Package all product in 200#-275# test (or ECT 44) corrugated boxes.
  • Each box must be identified with a number and the total number of boxes in the shipment (for example, 1 of 6, 2 of 6, et cetera).
  • Boxes that have one title only must contain a carton label with the product title, ISBN # or UPC #, scannable EAN barcode (for products with an ISBN) or a scannable UPC barcode (for products that don’t have an ISBN), Deseret Book SKU #, Deseret Book PO #, carton quantity, and carton weight.
  • The maximum box size we can receive is 19” x 13” x 10” (length x width x height). Large items that exceed this maximum box size are exempted from this maximum box size requirement.
  • Our pallet requirements for our pallet racking is quality wood pallets measuring 40” x 40” with a 50” maximum height. Orders delivered on pallets of any other size may be rejected. Any exceptions must be authorized by the distribution center manager. Orders consisting of multiple parcels that are delivered by the vendor or shipped via truck line must be delivered on a pallet and securely wrapped to help prevent damage. Shipments with a full pallet or “close to a full pallet” of the same title should not mix any other title(s) on that pallet. Shipments with multiple cases of the same title that also have a partial box of “less than case quantity” for that same title must mark the box as “partial” and place it securely on top of the “case quantity pallet.”
  • We do not accept any open boxes or containers.
  • Fragile items, including all art prints, figurines, etc. must be individually boxed according to “UPS approved” packaging to ensure safe delivery. These items must contain not only a sticker/tag on the product inside the sealed box but also an external tag on the outside of the box with the same above mentioned “product labeling” requirements.
  • All CDs and DVDs should be packaged in 30 count boxes.

Shipping/Delivery Details Our delivery address is:

Deseret Book Distribution Center

2240 West 1500 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84104-4124

Phone (801) 517-3285

Fax (801) 517-3345

Deliveries are received at the south side of our distribution center. Monday-Friday 7:30 A.M. - 3:45 P.M.

Any vendor who bills Deseret Book for shipping/delivery expenses must follow the ?~@~\Vendor Freight Routing Instructions?~@~].


Shipments/deliveries that are found to be non-compliant with any of the above requirements may be refused . If we decide to accept the non-compliant order, we will charge the vendor the greater of either 10% (net) receiving surcharge or an actual cost for labor and materials to make the order compliant. There will be a minimum of $25.00 charged for each non-compliant invoice.


An accurate invoice can be included with the shipment or, preferably, sent separately to the attention of our Accounts Payable Department (Please remember, however, that a packing list as indicated above is mandatory for each shipment.) Invoices must contain the following:

  • The Deseret Book purchase order number.
  • The quantity of each item ordered (which must match the purchase order) and the quantity of each item being invoiced.
  • The suggested retail price. (non-book vendors exempted )
  • The price net of discounts.
  • Terms reflecting payment in no less than 60 days.

Invoices must be accurate and reference the Deseret Book purchase order number. If this information is not included, we will not be able to process payments.

Our Account Payables address is:

Deseret Book Accounts Payable

PO Box 30178

Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0178

(801) 534-1515

We appreciate the opportunity of working with you and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


Scott Cornelius  

Director of Distribution and Fulfillment

Deseret Book Company

2240 W 1500 S

Salt Lake City, UT  84130