How to access eBooks and audiobooks

When you purchase or access eBooks and audiobooks, they will be sent immediately to your Deseret Bookshelf. You can access your Bookshelf in one of two ways: 1) on the free Deseret Bookshelf app or 2) with the online web reader. 

Deseret Bookshelf Mobile App

Our Deseret Bookshelf app is available to download for free on Apple and Android devices. Our app is supported on any Apple device with iOS 10.0 or greater, and on any Android device with Android 5.0 or greater. To read instructions on how to download the app, see that specific article. 

Our app is not supported on Kindle or Nook devices, as their respective companies have removed our app from their devices. 



Once you have purchased or downloaded a book, it will be sent directly to your Library on your app. It will initially be stored in the Cloud, ready for you to download. Books in the Cloud are indicated by an icon of a cloud on the cover. Simply tap on the book to begin to download it to your device. 

Deseret Bookshelf Web Reader

You will be able to read eBooks online at This site is still in its beta phase, meaning it is still a work in progress. As such, it currently does not have all of the features or functionality that the mobile app has to offer. 

COMING SOON -- a new version of the web reader that has all of the functionality and features of the mobile app, plus a little more!